Michael Musengo: Turning Pro! Police training is a profession!

Welcome to my conversation with Michael Musengo, Sergeant (Ret.) Director of Learning and Development, Staff Instructor Force Science. He spent 19 years as a narcotics detective working as an undercover operative and was a sworn DEA Task force agent working larger multi-jurisdictional narcotics cases. A recently retired Police Training Commander and Director of a mid-sized Regional Police Academy in upstate NY, Sergeant Mike Musengo has dedicated his career to studying and implementing non-traditional, empirically supported training methods. These innovative approaches are designed to optimize long-term learning, retention, and skill transfer in the law enforcement training experience. Coupled with his extensive experience as an instructor in human performance factors, Musengo has developed comprehensive training curricula not only for officers on the street but also for the trainers responsible for their development.


Introduction and Personal Writing Habits.
Human error and perception of police officers.
Influential Readings and Authors: Jordan Peterson, Steven Pressfield, Viktor Frankl.
Importance of diverse readings in training.
Innovative Training Approaches:

High-intensity workouts and scenario-based training.
Use of LMS to complement physical training.

Importance of Contextual and Open-Skilled Training:

Early contextual relevance in training.
Integration of different training methods.

Challenges in Law Enforcement Training:

Policy vs. practical application.
Need for better-designed scenarios and role players.
Personal Reflections and Industry Comparisons:

Evolving perspectives with age.
Systems approach to human error in other industries.

Efficiency and Attention in Training:

Time management and making the most of training sessions.
Balancing different types of attention and focus.

Books mentioned in the podcast

“12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson
“Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield
“Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield
“The Warrior Ethos” by Steven Pressfield
Works by Viktor Frankl
“Training at the Speed of Life” by Ken Murray (he expresses a desire for a follow-up book to this one)