Jeff Quail Masterclass: Spontaneous Edged Weapon Defense

Jeff Quail’s masterclass on sudden, unanticipated edged weapon attacks when the officer has not consciously prepared to respond. A groundbreaking course in the realm of spontaneous edged weapon defense training. This course is the culmination of years of extensive research. By research I mean not just reading literature but really hands on exploring ‘knife attacks and defenses’. To see (and feel) what works and what not.

The core of this training lies in its realistic approach. Quail and colleagues meticulously filmed numerous scenarios of spontaneous attacks to understand how individuals with minimal training naturally react. The resulting system embraces these instinctive responses and integrates a cognitive layer once the brain has had time to process the situation. The result is a system that accepts the natural human response and builds in a cognitive response once the brain has “caught up”.

This masterclass specifically targets sudden, unanticipated edged weapon attacks, particularly when the officer is caught off guard. It’s an ideal enhancement for instructors already teaching edged weapons defense, allowing them to incorporate a robust spontaneous defense module into their existing systems seamlessly.



Analysis of Autonomic Reflexive Actions to Spontaneous Assaults

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Discrimination

Armed Officer Response

A great masterclass with Jeff Quail, CEO of Setcan, the worlds largest company for Reality Based Training products and co-author of a Scientific Approach to Reality Based Training. Jeff has a Master s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool. Prior to becoming the CEO of Setcan Corporation, Jeff served as a law enforcement helicopter pilot in Canada. Jeff is responsible for the creation of the Shocknife, StressVest, Neck Check, SimVoice and numerous other RBT products. Jeff is a court declared expert in officer safety training and tactics.