Research: How reliable are officer body-worn cameras? With Dr. Nicholas P. Murray

“Ever wondered how effective body-worn cameras (BWCs) truly are in capturing the full picture of police interactions? While BWCs have increased transparency, do they truly reflect what officers see and experience in critical incidents? A recent study delves deep into this, comparing BWC footage with eye tracking and head movement data from active-duty police officers during use-of-force scenarios. What did the study uncover about officers’ visual attention and the limitations of BWCs in capturing key details like suspect behavior and bystander influence? The results might surprise you.”

The podcast


Introduction to Visual System and Performance
Effect of Perception on Behavior
Scan Behavior under Stress
Role of Training and Experience
Emotional Regulation and Vision
Optimal Scan Behavior
Comparison of Officer Perception and Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs)
Findings from the Study

Research Scenario Overview
Information Processing
Decision-Making Under Stress
Critical Information
Body-Worn Cameras
Interpreting Body Camera Footage
Training Implications
Visual Processing and Stress