Masterclass Reality Based Training with Ken Murray (part 1)

From paintbal to co-founding SIMUNITION® to developing a complete philosophy of Reality Based Training (RBT) to the publication of his pioneering book ’training at the speed of life’ in 2004. Ken Murray is a pioneer in RBT and a tremendous source of knowledge. And stories. In our conversation, we talked about both the origins and effectiveness of RBT. And safety: deaths and injuries still occur in RBT. And not only in training but also on the streets due to “incorrect training. But so much more came up. A master class for all RBT teachers in the Police, Defense and related professions.

His book Training at the Speed of Life is used by agencies across North America and abroad as the foundation for building safe and effective scenario-based training exercises across the spectrum of responses from those in the police, military and emergency services communities.

Topics part-1

Why the book ’training at the speed of life’ and where is part -2?
The genesis of the book
From paintball to simunition to a complete training philosophy
Problems with simunition in the early days (elimination games and not pointing guns to each other)
Becoming a psychologist of RBT
Do officers die during training?
Trooper Mark Coates
Program to fail
Yes or No questions
Range training
Real deaths in training
Is training safe?
Do trainers really understand RBT?
What is RBT?
The RBT Glossary
How do you design RBT and use role players?
Experimental versus experiential training
Solving problems is the training
OODA and the 4 actions (talk, leave, fight, shoot)
TBE model of Tong-Fu
Blending Art & Science and some problems with science
The art and science of language in training
Dynamic facilitation
NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)
What are good questions to ask in RBT?
A scenario is a question
Guided self-reflection
The dangers of giving wrong feedback
Types of feedback
End state first training
The analogy of the hockey player
Sport shooting
Slow down
Train ugly first
The Tally curve

Podcast video

Book by Ken

Reality Based Training Association

The RBTA is dedicated to the organization and professionalization of trainers and training participants who find themselves utilizing realistic simulations as a means for optimizing future performance. Founded by one of the co-founders of SIMUNITION, the company that revolutionized realistic gunfight simulations through the development of marking cartridges, the RBTA brings together leaders in the field of dynamic simulation training that has been popularized under the term of Reality Based Training. Reality Based Training is defined as:

“a comprehensive description of many different training methodologies that utilize tools, techniques, technologies or methodologies to approximate in a training setting or synthetic setting any situation that might occur in an operational setting.”