Masterclass stress simulation training with Dr. Victoria Brazil (Part-1)

Want to know all about designing, supervising and debriefing stress simulation training in acute care, police, defense or other professions? Then listen or watch this master class (part 1) with Dr. Victoria Brazil. She is an emergency medicine physician and medical educator on Australia’s Gold Coast. She is active in clinical practice and the teaching and learning of healthcare professionals. She is medical director of the Gold Coast Simulation Service, leading in situ and translational simulation and building teams that deliver peak performance.

Topics in Part 1 of the master class
What is simulation training?
Is it the same as scenario training?
When to use simulation training?
What is true-to-nature and is this a useful term?
How realistic should a simulation be and why is functional task alignment a better term?
How do you get participants immersed and fully engaged in simulation training?
What is a fiction contract?
Is there a place for non-medical case histories in stress simulation training?
What does a stress simulation flow look like (sim design)?
What are intervention points in stress simulation training?
What is the ‘around the room’ exercise in sim?
Set the right expectations!
How does SET methodology go along with stress simulation training and what is the importance of pre-reading?
How does Victoria start her pre-briefing and what topics are included?