Masterclass stress simulation training with Dr Victoria Brazil Part 2

This is part 2 of the masterclass about stress exposure simulation training and my conversation with Victoria Brazil. Coincidence or not, today I spoke to colleague Ruben Verlangen with whom I have worked for years on stress simulation training in emergency medicine. Independently of each other, we appear to be in the process of “putting on paper” our lessons learned on the subject. That is, guidelines for safe and effective stress sim training. How wonderful the timing of this interview with Victoria Brazil which gives us so much inspiration in doing so! Enjoy the conversation, see the topics below.

What to practice in simulation training (High Acuity Low Occurrence – HALO, or low-acuity high-opportunity – LAHO)?
Adaptive versus routine expertise and training
Stress regulation and the 3 R’s
Book: Peak Mind from Amishi Jha
Self-regulation in emergency medicine training
Impact of stress on performance
Mitigation impact on performance
Team-level versus individual stress management
Use of individual mental skill training
The myth of the sweet spot of stress and arousal
The importance of emotional states
Stress exposure training philosophy
Is stress an emotion?
When and how to give feedback?
Consistency of structure
Live Die Repeat
The when, how, and why of feedback & feedback literacy research
The debrief (choose a small number of topics, structure, and conversation techniques)
The PEARL debrief
The importance of a debrief agenda for facilitators

The video