Changing Police Personal Safety Training Using Scenario-Based-Training

What can be improved in police training? And what role can scenario-based training play in this? What is scenario based training and what not? Do you need to practice skills before scenario training and is scenario training something you do at the end of a training day? What demands does scenario based training place on first responder trainers and what do they have to do and learn? Is ’teaching games for understanding’ the same as constraind led approach and what does this mean for scenario based training? For all first responder trainers, there is much to learn from this conversation with Chris Cushion, Professor of Coaching & Pedagogy at Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom.

Chris has a broad interest in coaching. He is involved as an external evaluator in the UK Coaching Certificate approval process and in a range of coaching-related consultancy projects for both the public and private sectors.


What does pedagogy mean?
Article “”Changing Police Personal Safety Training Using Scenario-Based-Training: A Critical Analysis of the ‘Dilemmas of Practice’ Impacting Change”.
Introduction on the topics
What is police safety training?
Differences between police weapons use in UK and the Netherlands
What is not good and optimal in police training (in the UK)?
How can and should police training be improved?
Advantages and disadvantages of a national standard police training curriculum
Experiences in martial arts and relationship with police training
US model of police training
Research into what police officers actually apply on the street
What do police officers think of the training?
Learning versus performance
What is scenario based training?
Scenario based training is not what you think it is
Scenario based training is concept and problem based
No preloading of techniques prior to scenario
Training takes place in the scenario!
Teaching games for understanding model
Constraint led approach is a different model
Teaching games versus constraint led approach
Scenario training is not testing or assesment
Feedback in and through the scenario
Personalize the learning
How to organize scenario based training as trainers
Ownership of learning
What When Where Why questions for learners
The role of instructor feedback
What does scenario based training require from trainers?
The three reflection loops for trainers
Are trainers ‘neutral’?
Self-examination as a trainer (what are your implicit theories and beliefs)
The why question for trainers
The four questions and dilemmas of police training
What is ‘Adaptive expertise’ and how to develop it?
Closing toughts


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