oktober 2023

Changing Police Personal Safety Training Using Scenario-Based-Training

What can be improved in police training? And what role can scenario-based training play in this? What is scenario based training and what not? Do you need to practice skills before scenario training and is scenario training something you do at the end of a training day? What demands does scenario based training place on […]

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There comes a time

There come’s a time that the roles will be reversed. Over the past 40 years, I have had many role models that I looked up to. Who saved me from a violent and unsafe childhood. I looked up to those men who became my rock and my shoulder. Karate sensei’s van Hurck, budo master Chris

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Breathing during the fight

There is much and justifiable focus on breathing techniques aimed at self-regulation. Think tactical breathing, extended exhalation, physiological sighing, 1 breath reset and so on. But what about breathing during the ‘fight’? Did you ever tried to grapple on the mat or on the street with a wrong breathing pattern? Chances are you were out

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