Human error Politie instituut

Heeft de Politie op het gebied van geweldbeheersing een ‘human error’ instituut, agenda of handboek waar ik niet van op de hoogte ben ? Waar bijvoorbeeld ‘capture errors’ worden onderzocht?

Quote (1) : A “capture error” can occur when an infrequent action like drawing a Taser is nonconsciously substituted by a similar, more familiar, and more practiced action—like drawing a firearm”.

Want zo’n instituut, agenda of handboek zou van waarde kunnen zijn.

Quote van het Force Science Institute: “The police are not unique in their susceptibility to performance errors. Nearly every industry involving the interaction of humans with machines has studied performance and decision-making errors. In addition to policing, the medical, engineering, and aeronautical professions continue to study and build into their products and processes ways to prevent, reduce, or mitigate the consequences of errors” (1).

En wat dan te doen?

Ik denk i.i.g. ‘human errors’ op de (onderzoeks en onderwijs) agenda zetten. Het kan altijd iets beter toch?

Quote (1): “Training the mental and physical processes involved in a task, including training to maintain optimal arousal states, may also mitigate the frequency of error during critical incidents, even if they are not reasonably expected to eliminate the error.

Tot slot: “A better understanding of human performance under stress, more effective training, and modified equipment design and functionality are solutions extensively studied and applied in the medical and aviation industries. Policing should continue to draw on the lessons learned from these and other professions hoping to manage human error”.

PS: Ik sta altijd open voor feedback en andere inzichten en doe mijn best goede informatie te delen.