Pas op voor blok en silo training

Belangrijk onderzoek voor politie trainers!

Enkele conclusies:

“But rapid skill deterioration isn’t the only concern that “block and silo” training engenders. It fails to prepare officers to integrate the interdisciplinary skills required for real-world (clinical) application”.

“Dr. Tim Lee, retired professor from McMaster University in Canada and co-author of Motor Learning and Performance, recommends avoiding block training altogether. If block training must be used, it should only be used to jump start skill instruction. Otherwise, Dr. Lee observes, “Just the elimination of block instruction would be a significant step toward improvement in any type of training.”

O’Neill, J., O’Neill, D.A., Weed, K. et al. Police Academy Training, Performance, and Learning. Behav Analysis Practice 12, 353–372 (2019)