Living a dream

Living a dream/ Sitting early in the morning / writing / my son next to me / at beautifull Villach Karinthië / surrounded by mountains /Following mini course by my hero writer Steven Pressfield for his book War of Art / must read book for everyone who wants to create something beautifull or meaningfull/ Book opens with: “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” A force which keeps us from doing our work (for example Michael Gervais FOPO) like inner critique, insecurity, false identity. I am working on it, right now.
Thank you so much for your inspiration Mark van Dieren,Henk Kraaijenhof,Wendy Dorrestijn,Onno Pouw,Ruben Verlangen,Jaap S. Timmer,Sander Aarts, Jan Hondorp,Abdel Ziamari,Steve Pressfield,Michael Gervais,Rickson Gracie@Joseph Campbell,Jocko WillinkScott Barry KaufmanJan Bloem,@Afer A, @Rene van Zanten,Hans van SchuppenCarel Schott.